Cleaning Services

General Cleaning

When you trust us with your home cleaning, you can be confident your home’s in great hands, and you’ll love the results.

Starting from 210.00 AED

Our general one-off cleaning service includes:

  • Vacuuming floors, tiles, rugs
  • Mopping floors and bathroom areas
  • Disinfecting kitchen, bathroom and other surfaces
  • Washing internal windows

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Not enough time in the day to clean your pool? Say goodbye to murky pools and hello to crystal clear water. Book now

Starting from 893.00 AED

Our pool cleaning service includes:

  • Pool tiles brushing
  • Floating debris removal
  • Chemical treatment
  • Pump room and equipment surface cleaning
  • Water level top up
  • Pool vacuuming (customer to provide pool vacuum)

Deep Cleaning for Unoccupied Property

Whether you’re moving in or out, we provide deep cleaning services that leave spaces spotless, even those hard to reach areas.

Starting from 268.00 AED

For unoccupied premises, our deep cleaning service includes:

  • Dust/damp-wipe all doors and switches
  • Bathrooms and toilets: scrub floors, tiled walls, sanitary wares and fittings, clean mirrors
  • Kitchen: scrub floors, tiled walls, sink and worktops surfaces, wipe cabinets
  • Clean balcony and damp-wipe handrails
  • Clean A/C vents and skirting
  • Wash internal windows and frames
  • Scrub the hard floor in all the rooms

Deep Cleaning for Occupied or Furnished Property

Want a deep clean but don’t have the time? Leave it to us to make surfaces sparkle and get your home dirt-free.

Starting from 473.00 AED

For furnished or occupied premises, our deep cleaning service includes:

  • Vacuum floors, tiles, rugs
  • Mop floors and bathroom areas
  • Disinfect kitchen, bathroom and other surfaces
  • Wash internal windows

External Window Cleaning

Our professional window cleaning service will leave your windows spotless so you can let the light in and enjoy the view.

Starting from 210.00 AED

Our external window cleaning service includes:

  • External window washing
  • Removal of debris and insect marks
  • Use of safety harnesses and equipment for tall or multi-story windows

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